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  • Magical Photoshoots

    Magical Photoshoots

    Make dreams come true with one of our magical mini photoshoots.  Our next session is for this Christmas 2023

  • Pony Parties

    Pony Parties

    Our hand-led pony parties make memories that last a life time!

  • Carousel for Fairs & Large Events

    Carousel for Fairs & Large Events

    Pony Go Round is the Northwests premier pony event vendor.

  • Dream Pony Breeding Program

    Dream Pony Breeding Program

    We have developed a highly kid friendly breeding program.  Ponies raised in a loving environment ready for your kiddo. 

Fairs & Large Events

A Carousel of Living Dreams, Pony Go Round is not just any carousel; it's a carousel of living dreams!  Our unique twist is that our carousel is comprised of live, gentle ponies, ensuring that fairgoers of all ages experience the enchantment of a traditional carousel in the most authentic and heartwarming way. 


Make dreams come true with one of our magical mini photoshoots where your child gets to meet a real pony or unicorn, pose for a once in a lifetime experience. From unicorns and castles to winter wonderlands. Live Click Love Photography makes it possible.  

Dream Pony Sales

We breed and raise ponies ideal for children and families. They are imprinted and handled by children from day one and lovingly exposed to a ton of fun experiences to help them take new things in stride. Our ponies are registered with the American Welsh and Cob Society and come in a variety of sizes.